s.no Title PI Fund source Budget year
   Exploring the use of Decision Support System and Designing a Framework to Support Farmers’ Agricultural Decisions: The case of Amhara Region. Mulualem Bitew UoG 2018/2019
     Research Data Management Framework for Ethiopian Public Universities   Alehegn Adane   UoG 2018/2019
   Understanding of the Process Conceptual Framework of Emergency Response Knowledge Management System Development for Climate Change Adaptation in Ethiopia   Dejen Alemu   UoG 2018/2019
   Opportunities and Challenges of Mobile Based Digital Information Services for Agricultural Crop Productivity: in the case of Amhara Regional State Assefa Chekole UoG 2018/2019
   assessment of health status of patients using machine learning techniques in case of six selected amhara region referral hospitals Seid Hassen UoG 2018/2019
  design and implement predicative model for road traffic accident in amhara region Theodrose Alemu UoG 2018/2019
  Applying Opinion Mining Techniques on Tourism Industry: The Case of Amhara Region Tourist Destination Areas. Serkaddis Adem UoG 2018/2019
   Investigate Opportunities and Challenges of Electronic medical Record and Design Electronic medical Record Framework for Referral Hospitals: in the case of Amhara Regional State. Lomie Asnakew UoG 2019/2020
   Research Title: ICT4Kaizen: Developing a framework for effective utilization of ICT for Kaizen philosophy by Technical and Vocational Training Colleges: Case of Amhara Regional State TVET. Lamesgin Adiss UoG 2019/2020
  Design Technology and business architecture for small scale industries in Amhara region. Chernet           Gebayew UoG 2019/2020
   Impacts of Digital technologies in Secondary and Preparatory Students Academic Achievement in Case of Gondar Zone (East, West, North) Selected Schools Habtamu Mekonen UoG 2019/2020
   factors affecting the uses of ict as a tool for creating jobs: in the case of amhara region Zewdu Tigabu UoG 2019/2020
   Analyzing Flow of Patients in the Emergency Departments of Referral Hospitals in Amhara Region to Understand and Optimize the Clinical and Operational Processes Using Simulation  Tesfamariam Mulugeta (PhD) UoG 2019/2020
  challenges, opportunities, and overall benefits applying cloud computing service found in amhara regional higher education ANDARGIE MEKONNEN UoG 2019/2020
   Design A Predictive Model To Evaluate The Performance Of COC Implementation Using Data Mining Approach: The Case Of Amhara National Regional State Selected Ploy Technique Colleges Name   ANTENEH MEKURYAW UoG 2019/2020