The master program in Information Systems at Faculty Informatics responds to the need among an increasing number of Bachelor degree graduates in Ethiopia. Many Bachelor degree graduates have a need to update their training and/or develop expertise in new or different software development and management domains. For many of these students, it is both necessary to prepare them for doctoral level education and also to achieve their professional goals which may be concerned with practice in changing trends in technology.

Profound changes in Ethiopian society are requiring that students, in addition to learning the basic curriculum of Information Systems/ information technology, must also gain critical thinking and advanced skills in order to succeed. M.Sc. education, offered in the conducive learning environments which include more advanced courses for research and development, presents an excellent opportunity for students to develop these skills.

One of the primary goals of education is to enable students to develop their minds, using multiple intelligences and creativity in programming as a means to achieve this. In order for learners to develop their mental capabilities and realize their full potential, they need to be exposed to many kinds of knowledge and ways of expressing their thoughts.

We live in an era that has been and will continue to be profoundly influenced by advances in information Systems. These advances are having a dramatic impact in the field of education, information exchange, and other service providing agencies, where a growing number of educators are exploring ways of taking advantage of interactive multimedia and telecommunications technologies.

As the number of information Systems graduates graduating from all Universities in Ethiopia is increasing rapidly per annum, it is becoming inevitable that many shall be seeking higher education. Moreover, as the master program in Information Systems has not been offered by any of the Ethiopian Universities so far, this program shall provide an opportunity for both industrialists and academicians who wish to upgrade their knowledge. While the computer science candidates can fill in the academic sectors, there has been a demand for IT professionals for administrative sections of various sectors and this can be accomplished by producing skilled master-level IS professionals. The requirement of the M.Sc IS program identified through need assessment has been reflected in terms of a chart below. Hence, the department was convinced that it is necessary to offer graduate programs in order to provide opportunity to the eligible, to upgrade them to higher level and make them available for the development of the country.